On 23rd November 2012 The European Alliance Justice for Families will launch at The Teachers Club. This is a new organisation with members and staff drawn from well-known experts in the field of tackling violence against women and girls, and family violence.

The theme of the event is 1 is too many

Since Women’s Aid began keeping records of female homicides in 1996, there have been 186 murders of women in Ireland. There have also been so many female murders prior to this date and these are not recorded.

The launch of The European Alliance Justice for Families brings together a network of members and staff established over the last 7 years from around the world, with a vast amount of experience in the domestic and family violence field.

The 186 women will be represented in a display, at the conference and families of victims are invited to come and view for themselves this poignant reminder of just how many women have been murdered violently in Ireland.

Anne Delcassian will be there to meet with family members and Irene White Anne’s only sister will be among the women represented. If you wish to contact Anne please do so on the following email annemaria2012@hotmail.co.uk’