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The Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime was established in 2005 by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law reform to

  • Devise an appropriate support framework for victims of crime into the future and
  • Distribute funding for victim Support and assistances measures

The following groups are funded by the commission to give support to victims of crime and following a homicide, they may be very helpful to family and friends of homicide victims:

  • Victim Support at Court ( V-SAC )

087 2885521

V-SAC is the only voluntary service in Ireland dedicated solely to court accompaniment for victims of crime, their families and witnesses.

V-SAC are a group of Volunteers trained to support people who have been victim of crime. They support prosecution witnesses, families and friends who have been called to court to give evidence having witness a crime and families and friends of homicide victims.
Prior to the trial, they can arrange for one of their trained volunteers to show round the courtroom, so that you can become familiar with the layout. They will explain where everyone sits and the procedures of the court. They have the use of a room in the four courts for victims of crime and their families. Their trained volunteers will stay with them throughout the trial.
The service also extends to District and Circuit courts.

  • Crime Victims helpline

Freephone 116006

Crime Victims Helpline is a National Helpline which offers support to victims of crime in Ireland. Established in 2005 it aims to support, inform and empower victims of crime and all those affected by crime. Trained volunteers take calls from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday, at 116006. Outside those hours if you leave a message asking us to contact you we will do so promptly. The service is provided by a team of trained volunteers who are based in Dublin and who take calls from anywhere in Ireland. While cooperating closely with an Garda Siochana, they are a separate and independent Helpline, and all calls are confidential.


  • Federation for Victim Assistance

Federation for Victim Assistance
CPD Rock Street
Gallows Fields
Co Kerry
Phone : 066 7119830


The federation for Victim assistance offers emotional and practical support to all victims of crime (including families of victims of homicide). The Federation is a completely voluntary body with a membership of fully trained volunteers who have a wealth of experience in caring for victims


  • Support after crime

021 4320555
Support after Crime Services is a voluntary service to the people affected by crime founded in January 2006. The service is managed through a regional office in Cork City and has volunteers in Cork, Clare, Waterford and Limerick

  • SAH ( Support after Homicide)


Support after homicide (SAH) is a national voluntary organisation which provides emotional support and practical information to people whose lives have been affected by homicide. The service is provided by trained volunteers.
The team of trained volunteers provides:
One to one support
Family support
Support groups
Group therapy is also provided

For support outside Ireland
if the homicide takes place in the UK:

  • Victim support Line

00 44 8453030900

  • SAMM ( Support after Murder & Manslaughter)

00 44 207 7353838

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