Homicide Bereavement Support

Homicide Bereavement Support Group

Since 2009, Homicide Bereavement Support Groups have taken place alternatively in Dublin, Cork or Limerick.

They are a ten week closed group, with one group pre year offered to families.

Only one member per family may attend the course.

The groups are facilitated by 2 professional counsellors with extensive training in homicide trauma skills.

Each group meeting provides a private confidential supportive space where participants can talk openly and safely about the challenges they have and continue to face.

A different aspect of those challenges is explored very week

These have been very successful and many members have expressed how the groups have helped them to come to terms with the homicide of their loved one.  Most participants feel the groups especially eased the burden of loss because they were sharing their feelings, thoughts and experiences with group members who had experienced the same awful grief.

Following participation to the groups, families may continue to support each other by meeting every 6 weeks, with AdVIC providing a room and support if needed

Please contact us on 087-3148363 if you require more information

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