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AdVIC is a national organisation offering the following support to families and friends of homicide victims…

  • Provide assistance and information to families via phone and email regarding issues they are faced with after the homicide, including referral to pertinent agencies
  • Provide assistance in filling the applications and drafting letters/emails to various agencies
  • Inform families and friends of homicide victims about the Criminal Justice System via website and booklets. AdVIC booklets are sent directly to each Garda Station investigating a new homicide
  • Provide a professional counselling service for families and friends of homicide victim to help them to survive the trauma of the homicide
  • Provide Homicide Bereavement Counselling Group Therapy for families and friends of homicide victims
  • Provide peer support and through the use of invited speakers, provide information on specific facets of the Criminal Justice System during informative nationwide meetings and a bi-annual Memorial Service
  • Provide Legal Advice to families of Homicide victims through its in-house Legal Adviser

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