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One to One Counselling Service

The trauma experienced following the homicide can seriously damage your ability to understand what has happened, your sense of security, your capacity to cope, and your spirit to carry on.
Counselling can play a significantly beneficial role:

  • It creates a space where the bereaved feels safe to talk about their feelings.
  • It helps people to deal with the enormity of their loss
  • On a practical level it can provide reassurance
  • It helps the bereaved to deal with many of the resultant family problems
  • It assists the bereaved to feel empower to seek further information

In 2006 and 2009 ADVIC ran a series of specialised homicide trauma training workshops for professional counsellors. Those counsellors are now part of the service which  has been in operation since March 2007 and involves 10 nationwide counsellors

The service is free of charge, but donations when possible are welcome.

The duration of counselling is reviewed on a case by case basis.

    To avail of the counselling service, please email or call:

    1800 852 000


    (01) 518 0816

    The counselling service is part funded by the Commission for the support of victims of crime, Tusla (Child and Family Agency) and by Donations from the public and Families bereaved by homicide.

    Do you need to speak to someone for help coping with a homicide or to arrange counselling services?

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