Recommended Reading

Books on Grief

⦁    Living with grief
By Tony Lake
Published by Sheldon Press

⦁    Living with Loss
By Liz Mc Neil Taylor
Published by Constable and Robinson

⦁    Beyond Grief :  Guide for recovering from the death of a loved one
By Carol Staudacher
Published by Souvenir Press

⦁    The Bereaved Parent
By Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
Published by Souvenir press

⦁    The courage to grieve : Creative living, recovery and growth through Grief
By Judy Tatelbaum
Published by William Heinemann

⦁    Living after a death
By Mary Paula Walsh
Published by Verita Publications

⦁    Healing grief
By Barbara Ward
Published by Vermilion

⦁    What to do when the police leave :
A guide to the first days of traumatic loss
By Bill Jenkins
Published by WBJ press Available through

⦁    A Grief Like no Other
A book from a Therapist who lost her son through homicide
By Kathleen O’ Hara
Available through

⦁    Children under  influence
By Michael Hardiman
Available through

⦁    Full Catastrophe living
By Jon Kabat Zim
Available through

⦁    Mom can you lend me twenty quid
By Elisabeth Burton Philips
Available through

Professional Books

⦁    On death and Dying
By E. Kubler-Ross
Published by Taylor&Francis Books

⦁    Homicide : The Hidden Victims-A resource for Professionals
By D. Spungen
Published by Sage publication

⦁    Traumatic Stress:  From Theory to Practice
By John R. Freely
Edited by John R. Freely

Crime books

Many books have been written by Irish writers for a general readership on general crime.

A number of these come from true-crimes.  A preliminary listing can be found on:

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