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AdVIC offers counselling to anyone bereaved by homicide to understand their grief and cope with their loss.
The trauma experienced following the homicide can seriously impact a person’s ability to understand what has happened, it can shatter a sense of security and a person’s capacity to cope.

Counselling can help by creating a safe space to discuss and process these feelings of loss, loneliness, shock and at times despair. Professionally trained and highly skilled and experienced counsellors can help the person try to make sense of the what has happened.

Counselling can play a significantly beneficial role:

  • It creates a space where the bereaved feels safe to talk about their feeling
  • It helps people to deal with the enormity of their loss
  • On a practical level, it can provide reassurance
  •  It helps the bereaved to deal with many of the resultant family problems
  • It assists the bereaved to feel empowered to seek further information and further support where needed.

What do we offer?

Access to highly skilled counsellors and psychotherapists
Following the initial telephone call to AdVIC, you will have access to a fully qualified Counsellor Psychotherapist experienced in working with bereavement and trauma and registered with either the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) or the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) so you can be sure of accessing the highest quality care.
Counselling for children and adolescents
AdVIC introduced Child and Adolescent Counselling in January 2020. This support is vital to help children cope with their loss and help them rebuild a life after the sudden traumatic loss of a loved one. For very young children, where online counselling is not appropriate, specially trained child therapists offer parent coaching – which is support and guidance to parents or a primary care giver concerned about a grieving child.
The service is free of charge, but donations when possible are welcome.

To avail of the counselling service, please email or call:

1800 852 000 or (01) 518 0816

The counselling service is part-funded by the Commission for the support of victims of crime, Tusla (Child and Family Agency) and by Donations from the public and Families bereaved by homicide.

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