Who We Are

AdVIC is a registered charity (CHY 16399) (CRA 200 58975) run by families bereaved by homicide, for families bereaved by homicide.

AdVIC is managed through an executive committee of 10 to 15 people who meet once a month. The committee is elected at our yearly AGM.

Committee Members


  • Chairperson: Barbara Clinton
  • Vice-Chairperson and Founder: Joan Deane
  • Secretary: Helen Doyle
  • Treasurer: Ger Guinee
  • Service Director: Marie Percival
  • Committee member: Michael Loughlin
  • Committee member: Winifred Fox
  • Committee member: Tony O’Connell
Throughout our website you will see the word ‘Homicide’; this is a legal term that describes murder, manslaughter or any unlawful killing. The aftermath of a homicide is a time of immense trauma, and the task of seeking out the necessary information to cope with this can be very daunting.

Many families reported that their trauma was exacerbated by the fact that they did not know their rights, or understand the system in which they found themselves. In setting up AdVIC, one of our objectives was to help families’ access relevant information. We at AdVIC have tried to collate as much of this information as possible in one location, on this website.

The purpose of our website is to set out clearly our objectives for changes, while providing vital information to help families deal with the practicalities arising after a homicide. This information can be found under our Information Section. However, while we have tried to include as much information as possible, we would welcome any further information you feel would be helpful. You can contact us here.

Advocating for changes in our Criminal Justice system

A further objective of AdVIC is to advocate for changes in our Criminal Justice system, a system which we have found to lack fairness and balance, and within which the families of homicide victims have no status.

We advocate for the following changes…

  • A state appointed Victim liaison officer for families of homicide victims
  • Minimum starting tariffs similar to the UK model to be introduced in all homicide conviction
  • In tandem, a judicial council to be empowered to publish suitable guidelines on sentencing
  • Bail laws to be tilted and implemented by the judiciary
  • Revision of Parole and Release from Prison System
  • Revision  of concurrent sentences
  • Revision  of article 10 of the Injury Compensation Tribunal scheme
These points are described in detail in our Legal Section, which you can view here.  The range of support AdVIC provides to people bereaved by homicide can be found in our support section.
Annie Mulvaney and Family

Annie Mulvaney and Family

Founding Patrons of AdVIC

Annie Mulvaney with AdVIC member Marie Claire Dignan and President Micheal D Higgins at the 2013 AdVIC memorial service
John Deane- O'Keeffe

John Deane- O'Keeffe

AdVIC's Patron

Feedback from some members

I think you do a great job
Keep it like this group
Confidentiality, honesty and open minded

I cannot think of anything that I would change
I felt every aspects of your loss was covered
In a sensitive and companionate way

The way things are with this group is spot on
I hope the next people who come to AdVIC get what I got
The best support anyone could ask for
And for this I thank AdVIC , long may it run

Being able to be more vocal
Being understood by everyone
It gave me strength

Do you need to speak to someone for help coping with a homicide or to arrange counselling services?

If so, please call us on (01) 518 0816 or email counselling@advic.ie

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