We are delighted to announce that child and adolescent counselling has been reinstated!!

 Suspending the counselling service to the youngest ones was the most difficult decision we had to make. According to our therapists, the provision of counselling to children in a limited capacity- our only option at the time- might have done more damage than help. Sadly, our calls for support from the Minister of Mental Health and Older People and Minister of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration & Youth are left unanswered.

Despite this, we have managed to secure sufficient funds for the counselling service for children to be brought back.

But this does not mean that we can be confident about the future. We still very much need financial support so that this situation doesn’t happen again.

We know times are tough for everyone and are very grateful for all support we receive. It means the world to us and the people who come to us looking for help.

Click the donate button if you are in a position to support us by making a regular or one-off donation. Please remember, no amount is too small, every little help and all money donated to us are going toward this vital service- helping victims cope with the trauma of homicide.