Duffy, Michael

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Duffy
  Our destiny so cruelly changed in January, 2008,
As our living nightmare opened its gates
We question each day why you had to meet such a horrific and senseless faith
When your love for your children was so great.
Everyone tells us that our wounds will heal
But they do not know how we really feel,
Because to the world we smile and say, that we’re really doing okay
But in our hearts this is not true because the pain of loosing you will always stayThe simple things that we took for granted are no more,
Not even the re-assurance of hearing the jangle of your keys as you opened the door,
Our big strong man, whose steps were always so gentle on the floor.
Now the heartache we’ve known since that day will be with us forever more.Your cup and plate you used so often remain untouched,
The tea leaves stay in the caddie as a tea bag you would never touch,
Even to watch the Dubs causes great pain, as you enjoyed each and every game,
Now just the memories of the simple way you lived will always remain.

We never thought that you would have such horrific and senseless end,
It is no way to loose a wonderful Father and best Friend,
We question if our hearts will ever mend
And if in heaven you now have Elvis as your friend.

A day never goes by without mentioning your name,
All the wonderful times we had with you will remain,
Although at times those memories can cause such physical pain,
We know our love for you will always stay the same.

Michael, may you rest peacefully in God’s arms.
You will be always remembered by those who loved you.

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