Duffy, Michael

First Name: Irene
Last Name: White
  To my beautiful sister Irene White (nee Mc Bride) who was murdered on 6th April 2005.

Dearest Irene,

No words can bring any comfort to me after you were taken from this earth in such a savage and brutal way.
There is no Justice in still looking at those responsible and involved in your murder as they walk freely amongst us, as if nothing at all has happened to your remaining family, and the pain and grief that has been ours for over four years now is ever ongoing.

I pray that at some point I will receive the telephone call that I wait for on a daily basis to put those behind bars, whom the Detectives working on Irene’s case have confirmed to me that there is very little necessary to prosecute all of those involved in the planning and execution of such an unnecessary and evil act. It is just a little bit of time that is needed and I have plenty.

My sweet, sweet sister Irene, you remain in the hearts of so many who knew you so well, and for those who never got the chance to share in your wonderful life but know you now because of the savagery of your murder.

You must rest assured that I will see this heinous crime through until you get the Justice that you so rightfully deserve, and all of the circle of conspirators who made your life before you were murdered such a living hell answer for what they have done.

Rest now my darling Irene embrace my wonderful mother Mo, God bless to both of you. Goodnight Irene I love you both so very very much, Justice will come I just know it will.
With warmest love to you Irene my cherished and deeply missed sister, and to my darling mother Mo you cried to me for Justice shortly before you died, it will come I promise.

All my love forever and eternally Anne Delcassian Slan ma chri xxxxoooo.

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