Duffy, Michael

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Rosney
  18th November 1980- 23rd August 2001

Michael was the second eldest in our family of four children. He was funny, outgoing and full of life. He worked hard as a window and door maker and loved going out at weekends with his friends.
He was just a normal young chap, enjoying life to the full.

But on the 23rd August 2001, just 3 months short of his 21st Birthday, that all changed forever.
In the blink of an eye, Michael whom we all loved and adored was cruelly taken from us. Our happy world was crumbled to pieces in an instant. And all because, he happened to meet someone, he did not even know. This man gunned down Michael in the prime of his life for not telling him his name.

A senseless act of evil and our bubbly, innocent son and brother was gone for ever.

What it means losing Michael, only we know that pain. He was our son for nearly 21 years, taken from us far too soon.
He was fit and healthy and was just starting out in life

There are times when the loneliness and despair of missing him overwhelms us. Even happy times are always tinged with such sadness. Michael never got to see his sister be a bride or be there when his nephews and niece were born. Instead, he is an uncle in heaven now and it is so unfair, because of course he should still be there with us.

This August is the 10th Anniversary of Michael’s senseless killing and we can’t quite believe we have managed to survive 10 years without him, 10 years of yearning to see his smiling face, wanting to hug him. 10 long years of missing him and knowing we can’t have him back. We live day by day, some good, some bad, but he is never far from our minds.

We are so proud of you Michael; we will never get over losing you.

We will love you forever and beyond

Rest in Peace

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