Joan Denae, AdVIC's vice-chair for the Irish Examiner, March 2022

Joan Deane comments on the proposal to introduce minimum jail terms in homicide cases.


AdVIC and Child Counselling in the Irish Mirror

 An article in the Irish Mirror about lack of funding for child counselling and what it means for bereaved children and adolescent.

John O'Mahony on West Limerick 102 FM

Wednesday, January 26th, at around 12 pm John O’Mahony will be talking about AdVIC on the show ‘The Exchange’

To tune in please go to the station website ‘Listen Live’ link:


Joan Deane for Newstalk, September 2021

To hear Joan Deane’s views on firearms regulations in Ireland that she shared with Josh Crosbie for Pat Kenny Show, click here.

Joan Deane in The Irish Daily Mail

To read Joan Deane’s comment on the New Parole Act please click here

RTE News at our Memorial Service on September 23rd.  To view it please click here
Sharon Mitchell Dublin City FM
To read the interview Sharon Mitchell gave on Dublin City FM about  the loss of someone through homicide and the aftermath please CLICK HERE
Joan Deane Article
To read the interview Joan Deane did on AdVIC and the loss of someone through homicide please CLICK HERE
Moira Lawson will be giving an interview on Global Village with Newstalk on July 1st
Moira Lawson will be discussing her brother’s death and also discussing Advic. For the link to the site where the interview will be played on July 1st between 7pm and 8pm PLEASE CLICK HERE


RTE interview on Counselling Services click here 
Independent article on the launch of Childrens Counselling click here
KFM Radio children affected by Homicide click here
Red FM Cork children affected by Homicide click here



Sharon Mitchell on Newstalk March 2nd 2017
To listen to an interview given by Sharon Mitchell on Newstalk March 2nd 2017 PLEASE CLICK HERE