Losing a loved one through violence is one the most traumatic things that anyone can experience, and the impact is even more of a burden on young people who have to deal with the loss and trauma during their developing years and into adulthood. Early intervention is crucial for young people bereaved from homicide to protect against mental health issues in later life.

In 2022 we received a big financial boost from the RTE Toy Show Appeal which allowed us to continue the provision of child counselling. But this doesn’t mean we can be confident about the future.

Please see our impact video, and if you are in a position to do so, please consider making a regular or once-off donation.

No amount is too small, and every little helps. Your contribution makes a huge difference and is much appreciated by those who need support in this difficult time of their lives.

And  if you have experienced grief by homicide, contact us at info@advic.ie or call (01) 518 0816 / (087) 314 8363.